• The 3 x 3 Approach to Win-Win Conversations

    We all have those frustrating conversations that lead nowhere. What we get out of the actual conversation is far from what we intended. We hope to get some answers and often leave frustrated when we don’t. It doesn't have to be that way for either side. Hopefully, following this simple guide can create positive outcomes for both participants, a win-win. 

  • Taking a Solocation for Professional Development

    Think about vacations. We take vacations to get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We want to unwind, relax and do the things that make us happy with the people we enjoy spending time with. In many instances though, vacations do not give us the break that we need. Those who go with little kids or big extended families are often saying afterward “I am going to need a vacation after my vacation!” So, some people are turning to the Solocation. Urbandictionary.com defines it as “g…

  • Reentering the Workforce After Kids: How to Make it Work

    People decide to leave work for many reasons including moving locations, reassessing career decisions/goals, taking care of sick family members and of course taking time off to raise children. This article focuses on real life examples of parents who have taken time off to raise their families. Highlighted below are three critical factors you can help your clients work through, who are considering this big change.  Included are comments and suggestions from parents who have recently returned. 

  • Linking Jobs to College Majors: Case Studies 

    There are many undergraduates unemployed or underemployed following graduation. Due to this deficit, college graduates are left wondering if their job dissatisfaction comes from selecting the wrong major. Once students graduate, they have trouble linking what they learned to the type of job opportunities they will both be qualified for and enjoy.   These case studies will review a couple real life situations and show how they were resolved.

  • Eight Quick Resume Updates that Grab Attention in 2018

    The example on the left is a dated resume that looks like it was created over a decade ago. The one on the right is more modern and fresh looking. Here are 8 quick and easy updates you too can make now. They will have your resume looking more recent and grab the attention of your future employer. Title – Your name, address (not always necessary), phone number and email should be larger font and can be listed on one line, with separators. It makes the overall resume look cleaner. Add LinkedIn …

  • Three-Step Approach to Changing Careers

    How do you know when it's time for a career change? Maybe you've worked in the same job for years because it's what you studied in college. Perhaps you got lucky and were offered a decent paying, stable job by a well-intentioned friend or family member. Or like many, you probably didn’t have much of a choice and had to take an available job just to pay the bills. Though it was supposed to be temporary, 10 years later you are still there. OR… You might love what you do, but not where you work or …

  •                                              Why are You Procrastinating? 

                Turning Four Common Productivity Challenges into Triumphs 

    This article was publishsed in the February 2018 issue of Performance Improvement Journal. Have you made any progress toward those New Year’s goals you made back in January? Think back to the excitement you felt talking about, and maybe even writing them down. You were convinced this would be the year you would make things happen. Hopefully, you are progressing solidly toward achieving them. However, you may be trapped in some state of procrastination, like many other well-intentioned professi…

  • A Process for Guiding Middle School Students Through

    Career Exploration

    This article was published in NCDA's May 2017 issue of Career Convergence. Career Day is a great way to introduce different occupations to middle school students, but it doesn’t have to start and end there. Allowing for a more comprehensive approach where students take an active role in the career exploration process is more effective. It keeps students more engaged and committed. Incorporating an approach with resources such as those outlined below will best help students explore various caree…

  •               Three Suggestions for Powering Through Perseverance 

    This revised article was published in the NCDA's November 2016 Issue of Career Convergence. Perseverance highlights the career traits needed for overcoming obstacles. Olympians are great examples of perseverance because they consistently demonstrate persistence, focus and the ability to overcome challenges. Take Michael Phelps for instance. When he was young, he was scared to put his face in the water. He started swimming because his older sisters swam, and he realized it was a good outlet for h…

  •             Improving Team Productivity through Communication:

                                                 A Case Example

    Recently, I consulted with a financial advisory team on improving communication among its team members. The high performing group of four excelled in client relationships and growing their business but was less productive completing daily tasks in the office. One of the newer employees struggled with getting questions answered and deciphering urgent vs. non-urgent work. This frustrated the two advisors who felt supportive roles needed to problem solve on their own. They also wanted uninterrupted…

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