Client Testimonials

I think that the knowledge I got from (our sessions) will be valuable in all stages of my professional development. I've been steadily gaining experience and building professional connections which have helped me a lot, and your guidance has helped me pare down a dizzying amount of potential avenues into something I can focus on.

- Career Exploration Client 


You were extremely helpful and very patient with me during the process. You quickly helped me determine which positions would be a good fit with my personality, work style, etc. Breaking it down and providing a clear direction, made it easier to focus on the resume, cover letter and interview questions. I feel confident and well prepared to begin job hunting and interviewing.

- Career Exploration Client


Working with a team of people, all with different communication styles, can be a challenge.  To increase efficiency, Laura was able to help us understand our own styles and preferences and create some best practices for keeping us all on task.  Her sessions were fun, engaging, and helpful.

- Team Development Client, Financial Services 


Thank you for improving my resume. Your suggestions were great and will help with the current gap in employment. I like the format, it is very clear and concise. 

- Resume Revision Client



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